Vision Statement

Transforming individuals and communities in Colombia and beyond with the love of Christ.

Mission Statement of the Organization

Global Transformation exists to glorify God by sharing His love through holistic and culturally relevant Christian ministries that impart biblical values and, ultimately, transform communities. We meet the spiritual needs of the local community through both the preaching and teaching of the Bible, and by developing ministries to meet the physical and emotional needs of abandoned and/or exploited children, youth, and adults. We also provide spiritually based rehabilitation services for drug addictions as well as critical support for victims of sex trafficking and abandonment. Assistance includes but is not limited to: food, clothing, shelter, education, counseling, as well as psychological, spiritual, and basic skills training. We also work to develop local leaders impacting their communities with Christian values and equipping them with necessary resources.


On a cold, rainy night in Medellin, Colombia, Brian Miller, Founder of Global Transformation Ministries, was stopped by a 14-year old girl. The girl cried for help, exclaiming she was pregnant, hungry, living on the streets, and if she did not pay her “boss” (pimp), he would beat her. She was also clearly on drugs. “Take me home with you,” she begged.
In a city like Medellin, with a concentrated population and a reputation for the sex trade, prostitution is rampant. When a girl becomes pregnant, she can no longer be sold and is often kicked out of her home for being unable to make money. Most girls try to abort their babies through unethical and unsafe methods, which often prove fatal to both mother and child.  Recognizing the urgent need, Global Transformation Ministries (GTM) created a rescue home for pregnant, homeless girls in a city known to be the world’s biggest brothel. 
When Brian encountered this problem, his solution was to create something these girls could never provide for themselves: a safe home and skills-training to provide a better future for themselves and their new family. This home, “Casa Esther” or “Esther’s Home,” offers a secure environment outside the city for up to 12 girls and their babies where they receive holistic care from doctors, pastors, psychologists, social workers, and job skills trainers. 
The house includes 12 industrial sewing machines, a beauty salon, computer lab, and flower and vegetable garden – all for training and education. Casa Esther restores women from the abandonment of the streets, gives them hope, and teaches them necessary skills to thrive after leaving the home. 
After six months to a year of restoration, the foundation provides a half-way home for the mothers who have graduated the program. They live in downtown Medellin, where they are close to their new employers. While the mothers are working, our staff and volunteers provide for their babies, giving quality care and developmental aid to their babies.
We are asking you to come alongside us and help change these girls’ lives forever. You can make a difference and give these girls a new future. Join us today!


Dr. Brian and Katherine Miller (Missionaries) have been serving the street children in Medellin, Colombia since 1996. Through their ministry, they have helped to rescue numerous street boys, victims of sex trafficking, and sexually exploited girls facing a crisis pregnancy.  
The streets of Colombia remain home to thousands of children living in impoverished conditions. Even after many years of work, there are still an estimated 3,500 children in crisis living in Medellin alone. In 2013, God gave Brian and Katherine a vision to create Global Transformation Ministries (GTM) to connect influential individuals with a passion to help reach and serve the “least of these” within their communities and throughout the world.
Global Transformation is registered as a 501C3 charity in Baton Rouge, LA, USA. Since its initial launch in 2014 GTM implemented their first church plant in Medellin, Colombia (2014). In 2016, GTM started a university in Medellin, and in 2019, the ministry established a crisis pregnancy home (Esther’s House) for street girls within the city.
Through it’s indigenous church plant, GTM reaches out to emerging leaders through a vibrant university ministry (similar to Campus Crusade for Christ), and is dedicated to training active Christian leaders throughout the community. These leaders in return reach out to the impoverished in their own communities. By doing so, Christ is making a complete transformation beginning in local communities and expanding throughout the nation, touching each social class at their point of need.
From the beginning, GTM has played a key role in gathering and serving like-minded missionaries and pastors in the field. We offer conferences and training seminars, as well as financial assistance to emerging ministries in need. In 2023, we went into a deeper partnership and are now assisting a ministry in Brazil to plant a church and training center. 

Join us today!

There are many ways to make an impact and join with Casa Esther today! We encourage you to pray about how God may want you to support this important ministry. You can make a difference!

Through Prayer

  • Pray that God will prepare hearts to be rescued and brings transformation to their lives.
  • Pray against resistance from brothel-keepers and abusers.
  • Pray that God helps the team and transforms the girls in Christ.